ATES 2003 S.L.U., company dedicated to:

Maintenance and manufacture of tools and industrial structures.

It is conscious and assumes his commitment with the quality of his activities, for what the Management establishes the following beginning of management:

  • Satisfaction of the expectations of our clients, and of the interested parts, in everything relating to the accomplishment of our activities.
  • Utilization of the same one like frame for the establishment and review of aims as for quality, defined in the scope, as base of the constant improvement of his activities to which the System of Management surrenders.
  • Maintenance of the communication, so much to internal level, since with clients, Administración and other interested parts, in all those elements of the System of Management.
  • Fulfillment of the legal applicable requirements, the commitments acquired with the clients and all that regulation, internal procedure or guidelines of action to that the company surrenders.
  • To evaluate and to guarantee the technical competition of the personnel, as well as to stimulate the suitable motivation of this one for his participation in the constant improvement of the relevant processes of the company.
  • To guarantee the correct condition of the facilities and the suitable equipment of such form that are in correspondence with the activity and aims of the organization.
  • To guarantee an analysis of the indicators of every process, defining in every case I make concrete the actions to take to tenor of the obtained results and of the awaited ones.

This beginning is assumed by the management, who assures that he has the means necessary for his fulfillment, forming them and them putting publicly knowledge across the present Politics of Quality.

The approval of this Politics of Quality implies that all the persons and areas mentioned in the whole documentation of the SCA have the responsibility and obligation to carry out the activities to her entrusted.